Shared Leadership

The New Business Imperative

In the 21st century leadership is not for the faint hearted.

It demands courage and tenacity to create a real impact as a leader, to go where others won’t go and do what needs to be done. Leadership is not a rank but rather a responsibility that hinges almost entirely on character.

Leadership is about integrity, honesty and accountability – all components of trust.

But how do you teach leadership? According to Deloitte’s Human Capital Survey 2016, 89 percent of executives rated the need to strengthen, re-engineer, and improve organizational leadership as an important priority. They recognised that the traditional pyramid–shaped leadership development model is simply not producing leaders fast enough to keep up with the demands of business and the
pace of change.

The solution lies in looking to nature and particularly herds of horses, who have lived through uncertainty for hundreds of years and who operate with a unique Shared Leadership Model.


Joined up business leader

“No single leader can any longer meet the demands placed on them and there is a growing recognition of the need for highly effective leadership teams”

Peter Hawkins

Have You Been Feeling

  • Frustrated at how stressful running your business has really become
  • Confused about what to do next
  • Uncertain how to inspire, motivate and engage those around you to do what you want them to do?
  • Wondering how you hire and empower those below you so I don’t have to do it all
  • Struggling to prioritise your day and feeling like a busy fool
  • Overwhelmed with making a decision on how or what to do to move forward
  • Unbalanced, disorganized and incapable of taking it to the next step
  • Not clear on where and how to delegate your business tasks, so you’re doing everything
  • Overworked and underpaid!!
  • Suffer from a lack of FOCUS and clarity and taking consistent action
Leading your business and team doesn’t have to be complicated, chaotic or stress inducing!

If you are tired of fire fighting, taking the blame for missed deadlines, or frustrated that your team isn’t performing at their best. It might not be your fault!

The face of leadership has changed, and great leaders know they have to do things differently in order to succeed. In today’s turbulent times where change is prevalent leadership is all about who you need to BE to have the ability to influence and impact others. What limiting BEliefs do you need to let go of? What BEhaviors do you need to adopt to set you up for greater success?

The Business Leaders of tomorrow recognise that they can no longer live and work from their head alone. Instead they need to listen to their heart and gut which are where the other “brains” reside. They need to master the leadership skills of communication, character, courage, conviction, compassion, clarity and caring and mix these with a good dose of competency to succeed.

They need to learn how to engage 21st century leadership skills to build collaboration, foster leadership at all levels, and create open channels for communication from the top down, sideways, and bottom up. Whether you are manager, division head, executive leader or an organization wanting better results, it’s time to evolve your leadership.

86% of companies cite building leadership capability as being the biggest challenge facing them right now

Deloitte Global Human Capital Survey 2015.

Successful leaders acknowledge it is how they show up and their own level of self awareness sand personal mastery that will influence those around them.  Business leaders are aligned, congruent and self-assured. They are committed to their values and are authentic in all their actions. They are compelling leaders with conviction and compassion that inspire others to follow them.

Gain the top leadership skills for the 21st century


how to activate the top employee engagement strategies so you get the most out of your people.


to communicate, coach and mentor your team members so they willingly respond to what’s needed and collaborate in meeting deadlines and goals.


A high performing positive work culture and reduce the drama, interpersonal conflicts and the everyday crises that take you away from doing what you need to do.


your time and priorities by fostering leadership and accountability in others.

Get excited because everything is possible when you courageously take the reins and lead your business rather than letting your business control you

“Julia is an expert at getting her clients to transform their mindset and discover their hidden leadership talents so that they can move forward in their business. She has helped me to make integral changes that have catapulted me into a successful flow” Jess Baker

“Julia expedited the growth of my business by showing me how my own mindset was getting in the way of my natural leadership skills. By beginning to understanding my own style of leadership I was able to catapult my business into success by surrounding myself with people who had complimentary leadership skills to my own” Sharolyn Wandzura

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