AHA! Leadership: Unbridled Success Workshops and Retreats

Experiential Leadership Development From Horses

Horses are masters at teaching the key leadership skills so needed in business today.  No-one doubts that we live in times of  unprecedented uncertainty, the kind that shakes our confidence to the core.  Take heart: there is a way to lead confidently in the face of uncertainty and our greatest teachers come from the most unlikely place, the animal kingdom. By learning from horses, living and leading their herds, we can re-ground ourselves in natural truths about leadership to become more agile and adaptive

Experiential training and development programmes are offered in Yorkshire, UK and across the world for:

  • Private 1:1 retreats
  • Private groups
  • Corporate retreats
  • Team building

Rediscover your own leadership power

The power that lies deep within YOU and that can drive YOU forward whilst also unconsciously sabotaging YOUR success.

Working with horses and the laws of nature YOU will be able to identify your own natural leadership strengths and how you can apply these to your life and business.

Harnessing nature’s natural energies

You will connect to your intuition, find your authentic self, get grounded and become present and mindful to all that surrounds YOU, because leadership is all about who you need to BE to be successful and have the impact that you want to have in the world.

What limiting BEliefs do you need to let go of?

What BEhaviors do you need to adopt to set you up for greater success? The key factor that shapes your identity is your Environment, so I was inspired to create these retreats to really take you our your comfort zone and try something entirely different

Truly memorable leadership experience

All the programmes and retreats form part of a safe, unique and truly memorable leadership experience.

There is no riding as all the Equine Inspired Leadership sessions are carried out on the ground and it doesn’t matter whether you have any horse experience or not.  The opportunity for a breakthrough, whether in your business or personal life, is profound.

Get 100% unbiased instant feedback

Whatever exercise you are engaging in with the horse, you are sure to get 100% unbiased instant feedback which is hard to ignore.

The horses sense whether you are congruent and aligned in heart, body and spirit and so have an innate ability to see deep into your soul and challenge those beliefs and false self-images that our ego puts up to protect us.

Programmes and Retreats focus

Unbridled Success Programmes and Retreats focus on a number of key business and personal development areas including:
  • Leadership Begins with You
  • Harnessing Authenticity
  • Effective Communication
  • Developing Trust and Intuition
  • Team Dynamics for Results
  • Listening to Lead and Connecting to Success
  • Personal Influence and Power
  • Maintaining Personal Boundaries
  • Building Positive Relationships

for more information about creating a dramatic improvement in your business and life

through increased focus, purpose and an ability to take action

“I have been mentored and coached by many people over the years but never by horses! What I learned about myself in that one day was phenomenal. I having been feeling on cloud nine ever since and just wanted to share with you the subtle yet profound changes I’ve implemented already, directly  resulting from our experience combined with the Talent Dynamics profiling.

I’m such a great supporter of everyone else, and I don’t mind admitting it! There is no greater satisfaction for me urging others on and helping them to succeed. However the downside is that in this supporting role, I tend to get lost and forget about where I am heading. So yesterday I evaluated my own goals, based on the patterns I’d identified. I feel very much in my power and realise I need to ‘lead’ my team to get my projects moving on instead of becoming involved in the tasks they have been designated. I can’t believe how much was achieved in one day.

Working with the horses under Julia’s guidance is a real opportunity to re-connect with yourself, a It truly intense healing process. Who would think that a two year old horse could be such an inspirational mentor.
Thank you so much Julia, your work is fabulous and you come highly recommended.”

Allison Marlowe

founder, Global Winning Women

“Equine Inspired Leadership has had a profound effect on me as a leader. This innovative approach is at the cutting edge of 21st century human development. I believe everyone should experience this”

Steve Marsh

CEO, Innovative Edge

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