Unbridled Success Book

by Julia Felton

Julia Felton shares the profound life and business lessons that horses have taught her. Through her candid story telling she provides insights into how horses can help us become more self-aware and connected to ourselves and others.  The result is improved leadership skills, both of ourself and others, as she reveals that leadership is an earned position based on trust and respect.  This provides a refreshing departure from the idea that leaders are always the dominant one.

Unbridled Success also clearly reveals that Horse Assisted Coaching is not just some fad, but a really profound way for both individuals and teams to engage in experiential “full body” learning.  Learning that will never be forgotten and that has a systemic change on individuals and organisations.  At a time when training budgets are under pressure investing in innovative programmes that deliver demonstrable and measurable change is a cost effective alternative to traditional classroom learning.  The book challenges us to leave our comfort zone and try something new so that we can expand and develop and see things from a new perspective.

What lessons will you learn from a horse today?

All the skills needed to transform your life and business relationships

“Julia’s ability to synthesize and organize complex emotional concepts in a clear concise manner makes this book powerful.  It is perfect for business leaders who are looking to understand the key to successful teams and how to develop and nurture that success”

Sharolyn Wandzura

Ears Forward Coaching

“In Unbridled Success Julia Felton has brought together the many strands of her expertise and knowledge and presented them in an insightful and engaging book. If you want to understand Horse Assisted Coaching and the benefits for you, your team or your organisation this is the book for you”

David Harris

Founder, Acorns 2 Oaks

“This is a beautiful message, Julia, I was captivated from the first page. Thank you so much for sharing your deep knowledge and sympathy with horses, and the lessons they can teach us all”

Jennifer Manson

The Flow Writer

Unbridled Success is available from

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“This is not just a book about horses, this book is about how they can teach you so much more about business than the average team building exercise your HR department can dish out. Jump into this book with your eyes wide open because you will get tips and insight that no other business book will give you. Each page is filled with wonderful and interesting development of the author’s insight into herself from her journey through horses. If you are in need of a new tool to get your business engagement changed for the better, you might just want to pick up this book and find Julia Felton quick because she has an awesome system here that we could all learn a little from. Brilliant read!.”

ESP on Amazon

“In Unbridled Success Julia draws on her many experiences, both in a business and personal context, to illustrate the amazing life and business lessons that horses have taught her. In particular I liked the parallels she highlights between how unity is established in a herd of horses and how you can use Talent Dynamics to help people understand their best fit in a team. I love horses, I love personal development and I love business, so this book was just perfect for me!”

Michelle Clark

Talent Dynamics

“This is a powerful book and a must read for anyone seeking to make a sustainable change in their life”

Jackie Davis

Stride 2 Success

“There are many books out there written about this subject, but this one really cuts to the chase and delivers. Drawing on a range of experience Julia delivers a huge amount of content in this book that makes it a must read for anyone that has a leadership role or does coaching with horses. Chapters like Leadership Begins with You, Trust the Process and Your Intuition and Have You Built Strong Fences, covers content you won’t find in other leadership programmes, making it a refreshingly good read.
You will finish the book feeling empowered and inspired, and I guarantee you will never look at a horse the same way again.”

Becci Harvey

Horse Sense UK

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