Meet Julia Felton

aka The Business Wrangler

Julia Felton, aka The Business Wrangler, is the Chief Challenge Officer at Business Horse Power Ltd, training and development company dedicated to supporting businesses with an entrepreneurial spirit to grow and become more productive and profitable. Uniquely, she partners with her herd of horses to help businesses to align their plans, people and processes. By harnessing the principles of the herd, she works to identify the bottlenecks in the business, create high performance teams and harness leadership skills to enable companies to succeed in the fast paced ever changing world that is the 21st century.

Through experiential workshops, executive coaching and mentoring she encourages business leaders to challenge the status quo and step out of their comfort zone to see things from another perspective. She believes business can be improved through leveraging the wisdom of horses and applying the laws of nature where there is no wasted time, energy and resources.

Business HorsePower enables organisations to create a collaborative environment where all the team members are pulling in the same direction resulting in a high performance, growth led business. A place where teams function more effectively and deliver the innovation and creativity that keeps your business at the cutting edge.

An accredited Strategy On A Page facilitator and Talent Dynamics consultant, she helps companies get strategic about their growth and progress so they have a living plan that guides their tactical steps where everyone is working to their strengths. This helps everyone in the business to make the most of their valuable time, energy and resources.

Julia combines her 25 plus year of corporate experience, at companies like Arthur Andersen and Deloitte, with her passion for horses to deliver these transformative experiences.  Always a pioneer, she became an intrapreneur, whilst in the corporate world, and created and grew a multi-million dollar business that became the market leader it is field.  Subsequently she sold this and so is uniquely positioned to have seen a business through the entire growth life cycle.  Additionally, she led her team through the Andersen Deloitte transaction and so appreciates the challenges of keeping a team engaged whilst leading through uncertainty. A lifelong learner with a passion for business Julia loves sharing her expertise and knowledge with others in order to help them achieve success and unleash their hidden potential.

Julia the creator of the Business On-The-Hoof Blueprint – a framework for creating an agile, purpose-driven business that can thrive in today’s challenging environment, and that is sustainable and consciously aware of how it impacts society.  She is also a sought after international speaker and the author of two books: Unbridled Success: How The Secret Lives Of Horses Impacts Leadership, Teamwork and Communication and The Alchemy Of Change: Ancient Wisdom Re-Invented To Unlock The Potential Of Leaders and Teams.

Julia lives in Yorkshire with her herd of four rescue horses and although she loves speaking and delivering workshops from stage, she particularly loves facilitating and hosting workshops at the barn with her horses, which she describes as a magical place where life-long transformation occurs. There is something about the power of horses and being in nature that just shifts people to another space, one where they become more self-aware and connected to themselves and others.

You can read more about Julia’s personal story here.

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