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10 Ways To Overcome Adversity

It’s a fact of life that adversity happens but it is the way that we handle it that helps defines who we are and what type of person you are.  How do respond when things don’t go to plan?  Do you become dominant and aggressive, or do you disconnect from life and hide...

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5 Ways To Help Teams Perform At Their Best

I hope you have been having a great summer.  It's been an interesting time here at Business HorsePower because the weather has tried to play havoc with some of my events. Like two weeks ago when I was running an evening event for 18 local business leaders. A week...

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The 5 P’s of Success

"Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance" If you ask many business owners and leaders what creates success many will allude to the fact that planning is key, but this is just one of the 5 P's of business success. Instinctively, many business owners also understand...

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Lessons From The Great Horse Manure Crisis

The thing I love about summer is the weather and the fact that all the plants and flowers bloom. It makes gardens look amazing and the good weather also means all the fields that I can see from my office window are green and verdant.  Nature understands the seasons...

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5 Traits Of High Performance Teams

How come some teams are successful and others aren't? I'm sure we've all been in teams that work well and other teams that don't, and if you're like me being in a dysfunctional team is super frustrating. So what are the traits of high performance teams and how do we...

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How To Have Powerful Conversations

How to have powerful conversations is a real challenge in business. And this cartoon that I came across on LinkedIn recently shows you exactly why. Both people are right and cannot understand why the other can't see it. Can you relate to that?. Being certain that...

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Are You Ready To Break Free?

Are you ready to break free? Today I wanted to share the words of Natasha Bedingfield’s song called Wild Horses. These words really resonate with me right now and I know that often many of my clients feel trapped in their lives and wish they could be free. The great...

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Time for a Productivity Review?

With the first six months of the year very nearly completed, are you on track to achieve all your goals for 2017?  If not maybe its time for a productivity review to assess what you are really doing every day. Are you spending time on high value income producing...

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Connect, Engage and Communicate

If you want to get the best from your team you need to learn to connect, engage and communicate with them. Even if this isn’t your natural bent, you can learn to do this. In fact, the reason I’m writing this post today is because one of my clients said to me this week...

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Ask Better Questions To Improve Team Performance

“There’s no such thing as a self-made millionaire. Only TEAM-made millionaires” In last week's Wednesday Wisdom we discussed the different leadership positions and the fact that in the herd leadership is shared. A horse herd operates as a team and to my mind teamwork...

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What’s Your Preferred Leadership Position?

One of the biggest insights that has been coming up for people recently, whilst attending my leadership workshops, has been related to their preferred leadership position. Very often when we think of leadership we assume that the leader has to be at the front, leading...

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