Personal Social Responsibility (PSR)

We help organisations and teams to actually measure the level of trust and flow at individual, team and organisation and look at specific ways of increasing those scores. A key to getting into flow, is that you can only get into it by getting others into it. Once you know what makes the team members tick you can help them to get into flow much more quickly.

The level of Flow in your organisation is determined by the personal effectiveness and fulfilment of each employee. Having employees in Flow, results directly in the attraction and retention of your staff and ultimately, your customers. As employees get into flow, so does the whole team and so on right up to the organisation.

When individuals are in their Flow and the whole team has a balanced dynamic — each member contributing to the overall Flow of the team — levels of innovation, creativity and effective action soar. Absenteeism, inertia, procrastination and negative attitudes disappear. By implementing just these three steps in your organisation, you can start to build your ‘dream high performing team’ or to really increase the current levels of your team’s effectiveness.

The Personal Social Responsibility (PSR) tool measures the degrees of Trust and Flow your colleagues have in you and how much you are perceived by them as contributing Trust and Flow within your team and your organisation. This unique insight gives you an opportunity to significantly increase your personal effectiveness, performance and sustainable achievement.

The PSR assessment provides you with 360 degree feedback on how much value and leverage you add to an organisation. After all the success of the team is a function of the sum of its parts, so knowing where you are most trusted and how you can add value to drive enhanced performance can have untold benefits on the teams results.

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