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Keep Accountable and Get Results Fast

Ask yourself the following questions:

  •  Are you working too many hours, including evenings and weekends?
  •  Do you feel like your business is running you rather than you running it
  •  Do you never have enough cash-flow and do you pay yourself last, if at all?
  •  Have you lost your passion for business
  •  Do you feel stressed and unsure which way to turn?

Great you’re in the right place because my brand new innovative coaching solution just might be the right fit for you to help you address these problems and loads more.


Buseinss coach showing the way

The Solution

I’ve partnered with It Just Makes Sense (IJMS) 4 Business is an exciting new concept that provides access to relevant and actionable business advice and covers the fundamental pillars of success for small businesses.

Members subscribe to my EXCELR8 Business Club where I facilitate a highly participative workshop that focuses on shared business goals for the attendees and their guests over two hours. The meeting builds connections across the group so that everyone benefits from having the support from like minded business owners.

In addition, members gain access to my coaching as facilitator and also are able to access my unique online channel with IJMS, which will include the best of the content from a large number of other IJMS coaches across the UK, and also from the founders of IJMS.

It Just Makes Sense 4 Business aims to show you:

  • How sustained activity and harnessing the compound effect will drive your business growth
  • How to develop and implement strategic plans to move your business forward
  • The value of associating with like-minded, ambitious business people and the role of business personal development in your success

To attend my next EXCELR8 Business Club meeting simply contact me. By attending you will not only benefit from participating in a highly interactive workshop but will walk away with the It Just Makes Sense 4 Business book which has over 60 pages of tips and techniques you can put into practice today to make your business more successful.

To Find Out More Call Me For An Informal Chat

“The information is really easy to deal with in bite-size chunks and it has given me a much better perspective on how I can make my business a success.”


On-line Marketer and Business Owner

“Running a business has its challenges, and the group at IJMS for Business really does help me focus on the important parts, and focuses me on where I could take my business.”


Landscape Architect and Business Owner

“I found the morning really inspiring and have left with a clear strategy on how I can get five new clients in the next 90 days. Wow. Thank you”


Business Owner

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